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Our eCommerce team is working on what this means for the future of our international customers. So, as you can see in the above data, sales enablement tools are well worth the investment and should have an immediate payback, if used correctly by sales managers, the sales team and other stakeholders in the business. The travel agency margins on air, car and hotel reservations are razor thin, and you need tremendous scale to have any chance and building a materially profitable business in this space. 100MM market, but iExplore would never scale to the heights of the major online travel agencies selling air, car and hotel reservations that appealed to the mass travel market. The most lucrative successes have been products that appealed to everyone and had tremendous margins (e.g., Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Groupon, eBay). Trip Advisor appealed to all travelers looking for hotel reviews, so a mass market opportunity.

The mistake that many companies make is trying to be all things to all people, going after as large a mass audience as possible with their marketing message. So, at the end of the day, the online travel agencies like Expedia had a weak revenue model in a mass market. So, let’s determine if we have a good business idea/revenue model in a sizable market. Seth gave the example of an English speaking comedian would have little success telling jokes to a room full of Italian speaking attendees that wouldn’t understand the jokes. He gave the example of people taking out their mobile phones, opening their Uber app for the first time and telling the person next to them to “watch this”, as the app summons a car on demand. We generally think of these interruptions coming in the form of subordinates breaking our stride with mundane questions or fires to put out.

We have put this as a first step, but there is room for disagreements over whether the first mandatory move is to firmly determine how much credit institutions will say that you can pay. It simply means, niche businesses may not attract as much attention from the venture capital community. So, iExplore was a good business idea in a niche market. So, if you think you have a good business idea in a niche market, that is OK too. Sales strategies might not and should not be the same for all organizations even if the products belong to the same niche. This important real estate niche is one that real estate agents aren’t much aware of but is in a lot of demand. We determined Expedia had a much bigger market opportunity, but did they have the right revenue model? So, who ultimately figured out the winning business model in online travel? 52% of those who have landed well-paying positions in these sales field are women, while 48% belong to the male sector. Many companies have their marketing teams managed separately from their sales teams, oftentimes pointing fingers at each other when things go wrong, or when there is work to be done.

According to the market research firm, Aberdeen, who studied the benefits of companies using sales enablement tools vs. Seth gave an example of him personally hiring an HVAC firm to repair his home, having to decides between dozens of options, unclear on who is the best at their trade. But, unlike Expedia who was dependent on low margin air, car and hotel bookings, Trip Advisor successfully built an online advertising based revenue model that was wildly lucrative to its bottom line. The best way to determine the current value of your machine is to see what the same model in similar condition has recently sold for in your area. Keep in mind all of these franchisees would coach their students to sell on value and get the highest price possible while being fair to the customer. You want to be building a business that people are talking about at the water cooler; a business that offers the customer “status” for being associated with it and “satisfaction” for solving a real pain point.