Seat Exeo 143 hp 2.0 TDI Multitronic

Refrain traditionalists and lovers of designer labels, wary of the “Imitation”: The Seat Exeo is not made for these types of consumers. The result of the alchemy of the Volkswagen Group, the Spanish media is nothing more than the previous generation Audi A4 (one retired in 2007), restructured and revised to address, in disguise, the second shelf life. And if the pedigree is top-level technical, sales were only initiated in 2010 to give some satisfaction. In Italy, last year the Exeo closed with a significant +22.8% . Accomplice to the economic crisis, with companies forced to file the budget for car parks, such as the Iberian rational proposals benefit. That said, the beautiful country, you know, is the home of the car as a status symbol, the country where the premium brands – Audi, BMW and Mercedes, to name three – are good business.


The predilection of Italian drivers to the most trendy brands but not enough to explain the number of exciting market (economic part) Seat of the flagship: the lack of automatic transmission did not help to attract customers, for example. The Spanish (or rather, the Germans) have understood this and here is the solution. It’s called Multitronic automatic transmission and continuously variable CVT. Offered as an optional extra € 2,000, is now also tied to the common rail 2.0 TDI with 143 horses, but until now was reserved for the most powerful engine in the range, the 2.0 TSI with 200 horsepower. But it is the TDI engine, which by definition can not have an automatic and this integration will not only benefit the Exeo.


Little appreciated feature of the Continuously Variable Transmission has always been the feeling of driving that accompanies them. Basically, as scooters, the motor remains at a nearly constant speed. While you get the maximum efficiency , on the other it creates a very satisfying noise. Details may seem, but this is the reason that has historically limited the spread of the CVT. Aware of this, the engineers in Ingolstadt have assigned to the scale of almost infinite relations, seven “fake” gears. Simply move the lever in Sport or manual, for seven predefined positions that will resolve the issue. Result: Multitronic looks like a traditional automatic transmission, which are very cute and soft in the transition from one relationship to another. Drive In contrast, the operation mode is the classic one, with one report continuously variable. But thanks to the good pair of 4-cylinder common rail – 320 Nm at 1,750 rpm – the tachometer needle will always remain at around 2,000, limiting the effect of “dragging” above.


Assembled in Spain, that in Martorell, the Exeo fully respects the Teutonic quality standards. Just a few moments to realize it. The plastics are of high quality even in the least in view of the bridge and all the couplings are rigorous. Proof of this is shown on uneven surfaces the compactness of the city: despite a rigid structure, there is no trace of crunches . All this, while the TDI offers insights from low revs and the Multitronic zero stress from traffic jam. That this is an Audi, though, it is also clear from another “clue”: the very high transmission tunnel (designed to accommodate the drive shaft of the four versions of the Four Rings) which effectively gives way, in center, just for the kids. That’s why the ‘ cockpit , it can indeed be considered a “4 +1″ . He feels the weight of years, however, the instrumentation: the keys of the air conditioner, small and partially hidden by the shifter, like command of the browser, not intuitive, they show all their eleven years of age. The Audi A4 debuted on which dates from 2000.


Number one prerogative of a D-segment car is undoubtedly the comfort. In this respect, the Exeo meets in full. L ‘ sound proofing is effective from the aerodynamic point of view, and from the mechanisms, a rate code or not Crackling rombosità rolling tires. If all this is added that the coupled-TDI Multitronic is a guarantee of brilliant shots, you know how long transfers are the “bread” of the Exeo. Out of the three lanes, “was the Audi A4″ reserves good surprises : sports sedans are another matter, but the buoyancy tarataura leaves little room to roll and the steering is fairly quick and responsive can keep pace in a brilliant succession of corners. The mixed routes also highlight the shift to commands loyalty and good spirit of the TDI by up to 1,500 rpm red line.


Less than € 30,000 – 29,910 for the version SW Style and body, 90% of the vote – with dual-zone automatic climate control, 17-inch alloy wheels, Bose audio system with MP3 CD reader, bi-xenon headlamps, ESP and 7 airbags series: the Iberian hard to beat in terms of value for money. Finally, consumption and value retention: the former does not suffer too much the Multitronic (from 18.9 to 17.2 km / l in mixed cycle), the second, for the reasons stated at the beginning, is not very strong, but will draw benefit from the recent growth in sales of the model. In advance of the February 7, the Exeo Multitronic 2.0 TDI CR 143 PS (sedan and station wagon) goes on sale in May.


Seat Exeo 143 hp 2.0 TDI Multitronic
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