Mazda Minage

Here is the Mazda Minage , the concept that at the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March 2011) anticipates the shapes of starvation compact SUV expected in 2012 within the range of the Japanese manufacturer. After the sketches, get the car in the flesh, and even if it is a prototype form already shows that they understand how it will be defined when it is unveiled in its final form when he takes the name of the CX-5 .


Mazda’s designers have imagined the Minage like a cheetah on the hunt, holding the head upright as he runs to pursue his prey and quickly change its trajectory. The style is called Kodo and aims to create the illusion of movement even when stationary . In practical terms, it is consistent evolution of today’s standards, with the front fender of a circular that highlights the presence of the hood. The rest of the body has a smooth surface, where you can see similarities with the Ford Kuga , but with simple forms and footers connected. New concepts for the interiors, arranged for four individual seats and marked by simplicity. Collected the cockpit in front of you, enveloping the bridge, an interesting screen trapezoidal shape that seems to fit the optical perspective of those sitting behind the wheel and is controlled by a knob on the tunnel.


The CX-5 will be a car key, not only because Mazda has never had a compact SUV range, but also because it will debut a new platform , developed internally by the first Japanese manufacturer after her divorce from Ford and the first and to introduce concepts SKYACTIV that allows a body lighter than 8% thanks to the straight shape of the profiles with which it is made. A SKYACTIV for all gasoline engines, diesel and change. For the Otto cycle units complaint Mazda improved torque by 15%, consumption of 2.2 liter diesel and a weight reduction of 10%.


For Diesel, with two-stage turbocharging, efficiency takes a leap of 20%, the weight drops by 10% and the maximum speed is set at 5,200 rpm. The new gearbox SKYACTIV-Drive is an automatic system that saves fuel by 7% with speed and flexibility of a dual-clutch gearbox. And the manual SKYACTIV-MT promises low weight, smoothness and maneuverability. The overall improvement in efficiency of all these combined solutions will be about 30% by the CX-5 and an interesting vehicle that Mazda will concentrate on the market in subsequent years.


Mazda Minage
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