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Palm Creek has several softball teams. There were four other teams in their division including the Palm Creek Diamondbacks, Sundance, Fiesta Grande, and Robson Ranch. Come cheer on our teams! Come on out for lunch and have a great hamburger or snack at the grill. Lots of supportive friends cheering in the stands and a great way to spend an afternoon. Barb is a champ at capturing great action shots. Thank you to Barb Poole for all the softball photos while I was busy playing at the Pegs table with my good buddies. Our softball season here starts now! Spring is also the usual time for baseball season. Hope to see you out there for a fun time. Temperatures cool so we can spend more time outdoors, new neighbors appear daily, all the flowers are getting planted, new activities begin, and the whole park comes to life after a long quiet summer. I’m getting quite envious.

I seldom complain about anything here at our park but this is getting quite frustrating! I hope you can help with our internet connections here. Don and I couldn’t help but notice all the commotion outside our house this morning so stepped out to see what was going on. I encourage them to post their schedule where we can all see the times and dates of the upcoming games. You can check the schedule on line at the softball blog or on display at the ballfield. There were some finished pieces on display but Gene took me indoors to see some masterful pieces displayed in his home. Gene Brickman at Site 1337 had what I call “horse collars” and they were all finely polished and restored, then turned into very decorative western art work. I came across one site in particular that sparked my interest. Although neat, flashy website features are fun to play with, you should resist the temptation to put them on your site. In this division, the “B” division the championship was not determined until the last day of play when the Diamondbacks played the Sidewinders.

The Sidewinders ended the season with 12 wins and 3 losses. Congratulations to the Sidewinders softball team. 1. Lead by example – Do you dress the way you would expect your team to dress? Think about this. How can a sales manager live up to the responsibilities outlined in this article and support his sales team through coaching and mentoring if he/she is out in the field selling directly to an account base? Eventually, they are consistent in providing all the facts that increases loyal customer base. Most SEO agencies offer local seo packages that are specially crafted to get your small shop ranked for local terms in a specific region. Using a query, you could specify only customers who live in a specific zip code. I wonder who our new neighbors will be. From the four weekly winners we will choose a monthly winner and logically, from the twelve monthly winners, we will select the Article Of The Year.

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1. Indicate each cost as either a product or a period cost. Select “None” if none of the categories and “both” if both the categories applied for the particular item, For period cost select “Applicable” if a category applies and “Not applicable” if it does not apply. 1. Complete the table to find the cost of goods manufactured for both Garcia Company and Culpepper Company. 2. Complete the table to calculate the cost of goods sold for both Garcia Company and Culpepper Company. The following calendar year-end information is taken from the December 31, 2013, adjusted trial balance and other records of DeLeon Company. Given the following selected account balances of Shanta Company. The balance of the Purchases Account as of cut-off date will be recognized as a sub-component of COGS. Once the basic details are re-verified, the main process, major account profiling can begin through B2B telemarketing. The sales territory alignment problem may be viewed as the problem of grouping small geographic sales coverage units into larger geographic clusters called sales territories in a way that the sales territories are acceptable according to managerially relevant alignment criteria.